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June 23, 2008

Eventful’s Online Tools Engage and Inform Political Campaign Supporters

Congressional, state and local candidates leverage Eventful’s services in their online outreach to voters

SAN DIEGO, Calif., June 23, 2008 – Eventful, Inc. (, the leading global events Web site, today announced congressional, state and local candidates are enhancing their online outreach to supporters and voters by integrating Eventful’s innovative online tools and event widgets into their Web strategies.

As congressional, state and local campaigns begin heating up for November, Eventful’s “post once, publish everywhere” philosophy allows candidates to virally promote their campaign activities throughout the Web and engage in Eventful’s unique Demand service. Using Demand, supporters can petition to see their favorite candidates in their hometown on multiple social networking platforms, including Facebook and MySpace.

Both Republican and Democratic campaigns have engaged in unique ways during this campaign cycle. Republican house candidates Chris Lien and Thelma Drake have integrated Eventful’s custom widgets into their official campaign Web sites, alerting supporters of upcoming events and allowing them to share, promote and publish them throughout the Web using Eventful’s viral technology. “Eventful enables our clients to publish campaign events on our own Web sites and promotes them to the Eventful community,” said Brian Lyle, Partner at iWeb strategies, a consultant for both campaigns. “The great thing is, the events aren’t limited to the community but can also be discovered by supporters throughout the Web.”

Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer and Tom Harkin have also integrated Eventful’s services into their online strategies. Senator Boxer has incorporated Eventful Demand into her “Web 2.0 Widgets” gallery, allowing her California supporters to learn about grassroots events with Barbara Boxer in their area. Senator Harkin has integrated event widgets into both his Web site and MySpace page, where users can discover local campaign events wherever they interact with the campaign.

“Eventful has become an influential part of the 2008 election cycle working with presidential candidates, including Barack Obama and John McCain, to empower hundreds of thousands of voters to determine campaign appearances,” said Jordan Glazier, CEO of Eventful. “We’re helping candidates translate online passion into real world action in support of their campaigns.”

Eventful Demand is a free online service that empowers supporters to lobby for political figures to come and speak in their local town. Using Eventful, candidates can track where they are most in Demand, schedule appearances based on this data and communicate directly with the supporters who Demand them. Eventful Demand has transformed the way audiences interact with public figures and performers, empowering them to directly influence where events take place. Eventful’s viral tools make it easy for campaigns and supporters to spread the word by including links and widgets in blogs, MySpace pages, Facebook groups and other social networking sites.

About Eventful Inc.
San Diego-based Eventful, Inc., (, the leading local events Web site, enables its community of users to discover, promote, share and create events throughout the world. Eventful users select from more than 8 million events taking place in local markets throughout the world, from concerts and kids activities to singles events and political rallies. Eventful’s Demand service enables users to influence where their favorite performers and candidates appear by creating viral grass-roots campaigns to “Demand” them in their town.

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