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November 06, 2008

Voters Who Engaged with Candidates Online 50% More Likely to Vote

82% of Supporters Who Connected with Candidates through Donated or Volunteered

SAN DIEGO, CA – November 6, 2008 – Eventful, the leading service for discovering and promoting local events, today released survey results showing that citizens who engaged with president-elect Barack Obama and Senator John McCain on were 50% more likely to vote than the general population. In addition, 82% of supporters who engaged the candidates through Eventful participated offline by attending rallies, fundraisers, phone-banks and canvassing. Along with MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, Eventful was a primary online vehicle for campaigns to connect with voters.

Eventful’s findings indicate that the campaigns were able to translate online passion into increased real-world action in terms of voting, donating and volunteering for the candidates. Engagement with supporters though Eventful was particularly effective at reaching first-time voters, with 19% of Eventful users voting for the first time compared to 11% of the overall electorate*.

The survey was distributed to political supporters who engaged with the candidates via Eventful’s Demand service, which enables people to influence where their favorite performers, candidates and celebrities appear for live events. Practically all the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates used Eventful Demand to engage with supporters and determine where to route campaign appearances.

President-elect Barack Obama was the most “Demanded” candidate, with over 140,000 people requesting him to appear in their hometowns. The Obama campaign used Demand very effectively, sending millions of e-mails to communicate with supporters in local markets, drive attendance at events, solicit volunteers and ultimately get people to the polls. Over 70% of the people who received Obama’s e-mail communications through Eventful opened them, compared with industry-standard e-mail open rates well below 10%.

Of the 2,883 respondents who demanded candidates through Eventful, 97% voted, compared to estimated overall voter turnout of between 60-65% (a 50% increase), and 19% were first-time voters, compared to 11% in the general population (a 73% increase)*.

In addition, 82% of Eventful users participated or volunteered in at least one campaign activity:

• 41% went to a rally or event attended by the candidate
• 13% attended a fundraiser
• 45% went to a house party, debate-watching party or other political gathering
• 16% canvassed door-to-door
• 25% made phone calls for a candidate
• 56% made a donation to a candidate
• 13% collected voter registrations

Eventful was particularly effective at engaging young voters aged 18-29, who are notoriously difficult to bring into the political process. Among young voters who used Eventful, 35% were first-time voters, 48% made a donation, 39% attended a rally with the candidates, 20% made phone calls for the candidates and 14% canvassed door-to-door.

“We live in exciting times, when new technology is reshaping the way that people participate in the political process,” said Jordan Glazier, CEO, Eventful. “These survey results strongly suggest what we have long believed, that Eventful and other online tools are effective at harnessing online passion and translating it into real-world action. I expect that as citizens and politicians become more comfortable with evolving technology, we’ll see technology impact not just campaigns, but political platforms and the legislative process in general.”

* Source: CNN exit polls

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