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November 04, 2009

Eventful Launches Standard Twitter Hashtag Reference Index for Local Events

SAN DIEGO--Eventful, the leading digital service which connects consumers with entertainment and live events, today announced the launch of a standard hashtag index for local events, which enables users of Twitter, the social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets, to have a common reference point for which hashtags to use when tweeting about events before, during and after they occur.

The hashtags can currently be found on each event detail page at Shortly, users will be able to add their own hashtag suggestions for any given event to the index. The hashtag index will also be available to third party developers through Eventful’s API. Eventful’s solution helps harness conversations among Twitter users around common hashtags for each local event across the 4+ million events within Eventful’s local event database.

Eventful provides users free access to the world’s largest and most comprehensive selection of local events in markets throughout the globe. At any given time there are over 4 million future events to choose from across a full range of categories from music, sports and kids activities to cooking classes and neighborhood gatherings. Eventful’s community of nearly 13 million registered users enjoy multi-platform access to event information via the web at, via a robust, personalized email program and via mobile applications including Eventful’s popular iPhone app. Eventful’s unique Demand it! service empowers fans to influence the location and content of events and entertainment.

“Eventful’s event hashtag index solves an important challenge that Twitter users face, which is selecting the appropriate hashtag to use when tweeting about local events so that others can find and share in the conversation,” said Eventful CEO Jordan Glazier. “Eventful provides the most comprehensive, definitive selection of local event content throughout the world, and it’s a natural extension of our social media platform to help people communicate about events across Twitter before, during and after they occur.”

About Eventful, Inc.
San Diego-based Eventful, Inc. provides the leading service for discovering, sharing, promoting and creating local events throughout the world. Eventful’s community of users enjoys the world’s largest selection of local events, from concerts and sports to singles events and kids’ activities. Eventful provides multi-platform services to its users via, e-mail programs, mobile applications and content distributed through widgets and apps. Eventful’s unique Demand it! service empowers consumers to influence the location and content of events and entertainment including concerts, movie releases and broadcast radio and television content. Over 100,000 performers use Eventful Demand to connect with their fans and determine where to tour. Visit Eventful at
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