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February 25, 2011


For the first time ever, Eventful’s “Demand it!” service gives college students the chance to bring a Hollywood premiere to their school with the new R-rated comedy from the director of Pineapple Express

San Diego – February 25, 2011 – Eventful Inc., the leading digital media company connecting consumers with live entertainment, movies, and local events, and Universal Pictures announced today that they are giving college students nationwide the opportunity to bring the world premiere of the epic comedy-adventure Your Highness to their school. The campaign marks the first time that the location for a movie premiere has been determined by college audiences. The film, starring Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel, opens on April 8, 2011.

College students have until March 20 to Demand that their college becomes the one to roll out the red carpet for Your Highness. In the film, McBride and Franco play two princes who must rescue the heir apparent’s fiancée before their kingdom is destroyed. The winning college will also host an exclusive after party, which will be attended by McBride and Franco and director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express). Five runner-up colleges will receive free advance screenings of the movie.

“When Danny McBride and I decided to make this movie, we wanted a rowdy, outrageous, funny-as-hell movie like the films we watched in college together,” explained Your Highness director Green. “In the spirit of our inspiration, it was important to premiere this movie, not with the typical Hollywood crowd, but out of our minds at the perfect college with a crowd that would dig it the most.”

Eventful and Universal are tapping into the true power of social media to introduce audiences to exciting new entertainment content by converting online Demand into tangible offline events. This provides a glimpse into a world where consumers now have the ability to bring unprecedented experiences to traditional social settings based upon audience Demand.

“We’re excited to be working with Universal Pictures to give college students the power to bring Your Highness and its star-studded cast to their school,” said Jordan Glazier, CEO of Eventful. “Allowing students to directly influence this event illustrates how social media can translate into real-world activity.”

Eventful’s “Demand it!” TM service helps a wide range of entertainment partners engage audiences by empowering fans to influence programming decisions, screening locations, cast appearances, and distribution in addition to giving them access to exclusive content, pre-sales, and other unique promotional opportunities.

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