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September 20, 2011


San Diego – Eventful announced an partnership with Big Air Studios which enhances the ability of independent films to secure major theatrical distribution.

Movie fans can now choose the initial 10 cities where AMC Theatres will release the critically acclaimed film Archie’s Final Project. The deal expands upon a relationship between Eventful and AMC Independent ™ to bring films to the big screen by aggregating a social community of interest around distinct and unconventional films. The partnership helps filmmakers discover where their audience lies and empowers that audience to influence how these films will receive the visibility and exposure they deserve.

Filmgoers can vote for their city until September 30 to help their city become one of the first to see the film. By “Demanding” the movie through Eventful’s unique platform, users can also spread the word to others through a variety of social media tools. AMC will release the film in the 10 cities that receive the most votes.

“Partnering with Big Air Studios and AMC allows us to support filmmakers and gives our 20 million consumers a voice in creating entertainment relevant to their local communities,” said Jordan Glazier, CEO of Eventful. “This exciting partnership validates how social media empowers an alternative distribution model where audiences have direct influence on the exhibition and box-office results for independent cinema.”

"The Demand It™ campaign has been a powerful tool in our overall marketing strategy for Archie,” said Joe Arancio, EVP, Big Air Studios. “The combination of Demand It™, social media marketing, advertising and PR has made this campaign a huge success. Eventful has given us a way to reach a wide audience with the impactful message of Archie's Final Project and given the fans a new way to connect and engage with the film."

Big Air Studios has created a cutting-edge and cross-platform distribution system that will monetize films across all known and emerging outlets.

Big Air is taking an innovative approach to the movie distribution business with a primary focus on the emerging, digitally savvy media consumer. The company is founded by a team of established industry veterans, including Michael Arrieta (CEO, Former EVP of Digital at Sony Pictures), Marc Sternberg (President, October Sky, The Girl Next Door), Bill Patterson (COO, Founder of Crosscreek Entertainment), and Joe Arancio (EVP Distribution, Former SVP Technology and Digital Distribution at Sony Pictures).

Eventful's “Demand it!” ™ platform allows fans to influence the content and location of entertainment and live events. This marks the second time that Eventful’s platform has delivered an indy film into theatres, previously working with filmmaker Qasim Basir to execute a strategy that converted local demand into box office results for the film Mooz-lum.

More than 100,000 filmmakers, musicians, and other content creators use “Demand it!” ™ to engage with millions of their fans to find out where they are in demand and make informed decisions about where to appear and how to distribute their content. Eventful’s campaigns have successfully launched a variety of films into theatres and have driven both Video-On-Demand and DVD sales.

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